Magento Commerce

Clarifying the elements of Magento catalog

When you are building a Magento store, usually you keep your eyes on servers capacity, themes or payment and shipping methods. Frequently, the product catalog is the last thing you think, paying attention on it only you must start to insert the products. But, unfortunately, it has its price. You can have the better store in the world; if your catalog is poor, nobody will buy it from you. shopping cart - image: Don Bayley/Getty Products should be the masterpiece of your store as you can have a perfect theme, large server capacity and best price; if you don't have a structured, well built catalog, your products will sell less than they could. (more…)

Strategy and Planning

Do you have focus?

Strategy and focusOne of the most frequent matter in my blog is represented in one word: focus. Few years ago, I read The 22 Immutable Laws of Brandings, of Al Ries and Laura Ries. That's funny because I was looking for another title, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, and bought this book by accident. I can say nothing about this book but it's really good! We frequently make the mistake of trying to get the whole world in one sip. We forget that we are small and we don't have arms to embrace the world. The result: a great failure. (more…)

Magento Commerce

9 things you should know about Magento themes

eCommerce - image: Chad Baker/Digital VisionThis post is based on an old one, published in my original blog more than 3 years ago. Even after all this time, the content is still up-to-date... Building a layout for a Magento store is really difficult for newbies: the platform uses a combination of PHTML + XML files to generate the pages, getting a lot of different files together. When you aren't familiar with this architecture, there is no other way than getting lost and confused. To help those who are starting with Magento, I listed 10 things you should know about Magento themes. Of course, this is not a definitive list or a a magical guide to solve all of your problems. This is only a start point to help you in your studies. Let's see it: (more…)