To Sell is Human, by Daniel Pink - image: AmazonFew months ago, I received a gift from Pipedrive, a CRM online system very helpful to manage your leads and prospects. This gift was a book, named “To Sell is Human“, by Daniel Pink. It’s a very interesting book and deserves a review here in my blog.

The author starts telling a thing we usually don’t realize: all of us work with sales! Often we think that only salespersons, in a small common store or within a big company sales department, work selling stuff and dealing with sales. Maybe, if we think that sales are related only with this specific activity. But the truth is far beyond, for sure all of us are involved with sales, at least part of our day.

Daniel Pink defends that every activity that involves convincing somebody is selling. We are selling our point of view in a business meeting, trying to convince the board of directors to invest company’s resources in our new project. We are selling our ideas and wishes when trying wives or husbands to go to the beach or to the countryside next weekend. We are selling our skills when being interviewed for a new job.

That said, if we think that convincing and providing arguments are really common in a normal day, it’s perfectly possible believe that “to sell is human” and all of us are vendors, struggling every day to spread our wishes and points of view.

More than that, most people think that work with sales is not a good think, that salespersons are not reliable and just want to sell for you, even if you don’t need to buy what they sell. Inside this book, the author presents techniques to understand sales mechanisms and to become a better and more reliable vendor.

Andre Gugliotti

Andre Gugliotti is a lucky guy. In 2008, he knew Magento and started to work with this amazing platform. Yes, we can say that Magento is amazing even when it drives everybody crazy. He is a specialist in ecommerce with Magento, wrote two books about Magento and is in charge of Bargento Brazil.