Magento Commerce

Using multiple stores on Magento

When targeting your marketing efforts, it's worth to reach niche segments, with a customized approach, telling things people want to know and don't disturbing them with information that doesn't matter. So, if you have a primary store, targeted to everybody, it's useful try to create new stores, little ones, but highly targeted to these segments. Magento provides a great feature to achieve that: multiple domains and multiple stores. Multiple stores configuration can be done within Magento backend and starts to run immediately, with no extra configs, through a select box on frontend. But to set multiple domains, further configs are required. Not too difficulty but thisĀ guide can help you. To this tutorial, I used my account onĀ Knownhost, with Plesk Panel. This panel makes it easy as you can just point your new domain to the same folder of your old URL. If your hosting provider panel doesn't allow you to do that, you must do an extra step, which will be seen soon. The images along this post are in Portuguese, as they come from my main blog. Despite of that, it's easy to config your new domain and images will be only an extra help. (more…)