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How to build mailing lists

Mailing ListsI don't like mailing lists! That's my statement and I can support it, easily, easily... No, my point is not directly related to mailing lists as mailing lists, but to what people do with their mailing lists: they buy mailing lists, despite of 90% of mail addresses inside it are from users that don't care for your company. They send regular emails, with poor content and no choice to unsubscribe from them. They think that if 1% of a list of 1 million addresses buy your product, the other 99% can be disturbed, it's an acceptable trade-off. Due to this common thinking, mailing lists are not a good tool to use, specially if you don't know how to use it. But - and always there is a but - if you know how to use, yes, you can use mailing lists as a tool to drive more customers to your store and make profits with this action. If you do the right thing, your customer can even like your newsletter and wait for it. (more…)

Strategy and Planning

Is that easy to open an online store?

Starting a company - image: Vgajic/EPlusDo you want the answer for this question? Unfortunately, I have it and it's not a great answer: no, it's difficulty to open an online store, as difficulty as it is to open a conventional store. If you want to be an entrepreneur, online or regular, you must be prepared to hard work and hard times. Here in Brazil, some statistics point that 90% of new companies don't survive up to 5 years. Worst: half of them don't complete one year, they go to bankruptcy on their first "year of life". It may be a standard number, everyone knows this number but everybody thinks that it is a standard "only for the others". And worst again: even online stores are under this same statistic and open an ecommerce site requires as dedication and planning as if you would want to open a brick and mortar store. (more…)

Strategy and Planning

Online support at virtual stores

Helpdesk - image: Jose Luiz Pelaez/Blend Images How about your support within your virtual store? Are you aware that customers need assistance and are anger to attention and support? But support doesn't mean only visible information, accurate content or contacts info on footer. Support means you are ready to be in touch with your customer when she faces problems. In this post, I want to share three experiences I had last months, here in Brazil, buying 3 different products in 3 different Brazilian stores. All cases were easy to solve but stores have denied their chances to do that and the result was one angry client, who uses all chances he has to talk about their horrible support. Let's see it! (more…)

Strategy and Planning

Using QR Codes in your online store

QR Code, Pão De Açucar Supermarket - imagem: Laura Brentano/G1 I'm sure you know QR Codes, those small squares, filled with black and white points and known as barcode heirs, as they can carry lots of informations. Even with these possibilities, QR Codes are underused, mostly due to few awareness among customers. It's so simple to use: once generated the QR Code, the customer just point his/her smartphone and shoot the code, like a scanner, using an appropriate app. Then, he/she is taken to a webpage or receives the information contained on that code. For example, a supermarket can use QR Codes to offer extra information about a product, like recipes, nutritional information or suggesting related products, including where they can be found within that specific supermarket. That's called augmented reality and makes room for better decisions and great user experiences. But how you can use QR codes in your online store? As you can expect, there is no sense on displaying them in your screen as a URL link would be much better. Anyway, virtual stores can make use of these codes. Among possibilities, we have: (more…)