Road closed - image: Corbis

Unfortunately, this is not a happy post: I’m interrupting this blog, at least for a while. The reason is a simple one: even posting only once a week, since March 2014, I can’t stand for additional blog posts – I have my main blog in Portuguese, where I post frequently. It seems simple to maintain a blog (and I already knew it was not true) but it’s not. Writing in a language that’s not my mother language makes things even more difficulty and time-consuming. To avoid closing this blog out-of-the blue, without an explanation, I prefer shut it down with this post, 🙂

The content will remain available here to those who are hungry for some Magento content. In the future, if I have time, I intend to reopen it but for now, I hope you have enjoyed this time and invite you to follow me in my Magento Blog in Portuguese. See you around!

Andre Gugliotti

Andre Gugliotti is a lucky guy. In 2008, he knew Magento and started to work with this amazing platform. Yes, we can say that Magento is amazing even when it drives everybody crazy. He is a specialist in ecommerce with Magento, wrote two books about Magento and is in charge of Bargento Brazil.