This blog is not being updated anymore and this page does not reflect my current professional situation. After moving to Europe, I stopped the updating of my other blog (the original one, in Portuguese) but i’m still publishing books and working with Magento trainings. If you want to know more, I invite you to be in touch on Linkedin. Cheers!

Andre Gugliotti wrote two books about Magento, both in Portuguese. These books were published by Novatec, a major technical books publisher in Brazil and – at least at this time – they are the only available books about Magento in Portuguese. Know more about them!

Virtual Stores with Magento

livro Lojas Virtuais com Magento - imagem: reprodução

This book was published in 2013 and presents a global view targeted on people who wants to start to work with Magento, developers or store owners. There are seven chapters, going through subjects like planning, installation of Magento stores, product catalogs and orders management. There is a chapter dedicated to Magento themes and another one which presents Magento modules, both in a basic way.

If you are developer or store owner, begginer or advanced, you should read this book, as it presents several concepts not told in tutorials or common documentation.

Buy the book at Novatec site

Magento Themes

livro Temas em Magento - imagem: reprodução

This book presents the graphic area of Magento, the themes. They are responsible by the design, the visual presentation of a Magento store and can be thought as a whole, separate world. Presented as a basic course of theme development, the book also has seven chapters, starting with basic concepts and going through all theme parts – Skin, Layout, Template and Locale, plus CMS.

Theory and Practice can be found within this book, with exercises ans tests along the chapters. You can use this book to support your Magento courses.

Buy the book at Novatec site

The writer

Andre Gugliotti at Bargento Brazil 2014 - image: Janebro Foto e Vídeo

Andre Gugliotti is a reference in Magento in Brazil, working with the platform since 2008. He writes Andre Gugliotti’s Blog in Portuguese since 2010, talking about virtual stores, strategy and planning on ecommerce, foccused in Magento. Most recently, he started to write this blog, in English. He is also in charge of Bargento Brazil and delivers lectures about ecommerce in Brazil and overseas.

If you want to talk with the author, use our contact form. To buy these books in Portuguese, visit Novatec site.

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