I’m a fan of planning and management. Maybe I use too many tools to manage my projects and my workday, but when you are an independent professional – I work alone, no employees, and everything must be done by myself, having help of others only eventually – you have to be organized or your milestones are blown everyday.

But management tools are new to me as I started to use them only 4 or 5 years ago. Before of that, all my tasks were concentrated on an old and good paper calendar. First I started to use Wunderlist, to keep my tasks in one place and organized by lists. Then, I bring Pipedrive on board to help managing my potential leads. Finally, the last but not less important piece of my management triad was arrived: Redbooth.

Redbooth Management Tool - image: reprodution

Redbooth was called Teambox – and to me, its old layout was better despite of liking the current one, anyway – and is a project management tool with several features to help you going forward when dealing with your tasks and milestones. Signing up to a free account allows you to have main features and a limit of 5 projects with 5 users each one, which is enough to most of the very small companies. If you need more than 5 active projects at the same time, then you need to sign up to a plan, starting at USD 49/month.

With Redbooth, you can create as many task lists you wish within your projects and, of course, inside them create several tasks, assigning them to their owners. In each task we can set priorities, inserting a #1, #2, #n text in the name – it’s not the best way to set a priority but it’s easy to do and users can sign to receive tasks updates directly on their dashboards. A drag and drop is used to reorder tasks or to move them among task lists.

You can also see your tasks on your dashboard or in your calendar, making easy to see what kind of tasks you have next days. For project managers, another useful feature is the possibility of seeing users tasks, allowing them to rearrange tasks if a user has more tasks than another. Negative points: Redbooth doesn’t have a native time counter , which allowed us to monitor time spent in each task and doesn’t have drag and drop on dashboard/tasks screens, which allowed us to move tasks order or date in a easier way.

To summarize: I’ve been using Redbooth for 3 years and I’m fully satisfied with it. I recommend it if you want to better manage your projects.

Andre Gugliotti

Andre Gugliotti is a lucky guy. In 2008, he knew Magento and started to work with this amazing platform. Yes, we can say that Magento is amazing even when it drives everybody crazy. He is a specialist in ecommerce with Magento, wrote two books about Magento and is in charge of Bargento Brazil.