Studing Magento - image: Jamie Grill/Tetra ImagesMagento is not easy to master, everyone knows (at least, after trying to understand how this platform works and what are its secrets). The good news is that nowadays it’s much much easier to learn Magento than it was in 2008, 2009. Backing to that time, we had no documents, no books, few tutorials and almost no organized content to study and be based on. Today, despite of still having few courses to enroll, we can learn Magento from several sources and even become a Magento Certified Professional.

The question is: is there an organized way to learn Magento? If I want to start with Magento today, what would be the path? There is not only one answer but I can offer my way, let’s see it:

Start by reading Magento books, there are several options in English, from design to development, from management to cookbooks, all tastes are available on Amazon, on paper or Kindle formats, just waiting for your purchase. A book I recommend is Mastering Magento, written by Bret Williams, a complete book about the platform, to be read when you already have a solid base on Magento.

Look for tutorials and sites that explain how Magento works and how you can do several things on Magento. perhaps you won’t find all answers you want or the answer for a specific problem, but if you look for them, probably you will find tips that will help you on solving a problem. Same way, join Magento forums and talk with other people that have same interests. Ask your questions (don’t forget to google them first) and share your improvements and discovers.

Don’t keep attached to Magento, as the platform is based on PHP, MySQL and XML, plus common HTML, CSS and JS. Understand these languages will help you going up.

Finally, walk through Magento certifications. When you reach a certain level, choose a career – Developer, Frontend Developer or Solution Specialist – and test your skill. It will be the best reward after this hard work.

Andre Gugliotti

Andre Gugliotti is a lucky guy. In 2008, he knew Magento and started to work with this amazing platform. Yes, we can say that Magento is amazing even when it drives everybody crazy. He is a specialist in ecommerce with Magento, wrote two books about Magento and is in charge of Bargento Brazil.