Magento Commerce

Multiple choices on virtual stores

choices - image: Floresco Produtcions/OJOImagesIn your store, can we find several products, most similar and being different only in small details, I mean, like clothes and shoes, that must be selected on the product page by the customer?

Magento uses a special type of product named configurable product to allow this choice, putting several simple products under its umbrella.

If a consumer has few options to choose, fine, no big deal: you can sell a white t-shirt, with some image, a crew neck and short sleeves  - and this specific product is shown on the photo. Then, you can present a select box, allowing her to select the size - S, M, L or XL. When listing products, each one will be presented by these characteristics; if the consumer is looking for a blue t-shirt, she will be presented to another product, another page and another choice of sizes.

Remember: every product with its unique features will be a unique simple product, put together under a configurable product that allow the client to select the product she wants.