Andre Gugliotti - image: Joana Thomazoni

Hello, I’m Andre Gugliotti and I welcome you to my blog in English!

This blog is not being updated anymore and this page does not reflect my current professional situation. After moving to Europe, I stopped the updating of my other blog (the original one, in Portuguese) but i’m still publishing books and working with Magento trainings. If you want to know more, I invite you to be in touch on Linkedin. Cheers!

I’ve been working with websites and ecommerce since 2004 and I feel I’m a lucky guy (ok, maybe not that lucky because Magento sometimes drives me crazy) as I knew Magento at its very beginning. The first time I heard about this platform, it was still in development stage: just a project, trying to come to light and take wings.

That time, somebody told me in a mail group that we’d better keep an eye in a new ecommerce platform that would change the game. Fortunately, that guy was right and I made the right decision basing my career over Magento virtual stores. Since that, I could follow its progress step by step, from its beta stage to the most recently 1.8 Community Edition.

Magento Evangelist in Brazil


I was born in Brazil and here I’m recognized as Magento Evangelist (not officially, of course), working to spread this open source software all around the country. Since 2010, I posted regularly in my original blog about Magento in Portuguese, educating the market how to use and the best behaviors they should adopt when choosing Magento and helping them to get more and more from their stores.

I run a small company, called Gugliotti Consulting, specialized in helping stores to build better planing and strategies and win in a competitive market. I also have some video courses, ready to watch on demand, and frequently conduct courses and lectures along Brazil and abroad, like FISL (an open source event every year in Porto Alegre) and Feira do Empreendedor (a entrepreneurship fair, with several editions along Brazil) or eShow Lisbon, where I presented a lecture about Magento.

My career was consolidated in 2012: that year, I traveled to Paris and enrolled the Commercial Engineer course at The eCommerce Academy. It’s a great experience, studying with experienced professionals, and helped me when preparing our local courses about store management.

Magento books and Bargento Brazil


In 2013, I published my first book, telling people how to prepare, install, configure and run a Magento store. It’s called Lojas Virtuais com Magento (in a free translation, Virtual Stores with Magento) and it was released by Novatec, one of the major technical books publisher in Brazil. One year later, I released my second book, Temas em Magento (Themes with Magento), focused on frontend developers. These books are the only ones available in Portuguese about Magento.

To finish this introduction, my company is in charge of local Bargento edition. Europeans probably know Bargento, as it first took place in Paris and now has editions in Spain and Brazil.

Here, we use a different approach: Bargento is a small event, with 3-5 editions every year, in different cities, always in a bar or restaurant, putting attendees together in a cozy place, helping them to interact and make business. You can see pictures visiting Bargento Brazil page on Flickr and if you intend to visit Brazil, keep an eye at Bargento schedule, we’d love to have you as attendee.

So, I hope we can interact and I can help you to get more with your Magento store. I wish you have a good time reading my posts and keep in touch!